“My laptop stopped charging after I dropped it on the side with the power cord. I brought it to three shops before I found one that could fix the problem, but they were way too expensive, and they told me it would take at least two weeks to fix. Rent-A-Nerd quoted me $50 less and had it done in three days. It's worked great ever since. Thanks, guys!”

Kimberly B.


“Dear Rent-A-Nerd,

I just want to thank Darrin for an outstanding job of correcting our nightmare computer problem. Symantec caused a deep seeded problem in our server's Windows operating system and Darrin persisted in finding a solution. It was not an easy task and after many failed attempts and several hours later Darrin succeeded in correcting the problem. You and your team are a great group of professionals and I would highly recommend your group to anyone looking for computer technicians or a good group of Nerds. Thank you again."

Anthony L. T.


“Rob, thank you so much for fixing my laptop!!! I will never bring coffee near it again :)”

Jordan M.


“After dealing with Best Buy's Geek Squad staff I was ready to throw my computer in a dumpster and forget about it. They were rude, unprofessional, and wanted to charge me more to repair my computer than I originally paid for it. One of my friends recommended Rent-A-Nerd to me, and having tried them myself I can say I will never use another computer repair shop! They were so helpful and polite, and they got my computer fixed the same day I brought it in. Try Rent-A-Nerd! You'll be glad you did.”

Maggie R.


“Hey Marshall and Nerd team,

Just a quick note of recognition. You have a great business model, i.e., customer propagation. It is the model I aspired to throughout my professional life as a Paleontologist. My customers were compelled to use my services over others and referred me as well. Pretty simple concept but alas is often overlooked in the service industry.I for one, will never buy another computer on-line or at Best Buy or anywhere except Nerdz. Keep up the good work.”

Al D.



On a scale of 1-10, Beibei's service rates a 12! We are very happy that he continues to be our tech; he's always willing to go above and beyond what is required!”


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